Thrive! is Hosting and Participating in Threes Physiyoga Method for Physical Therapists

If you’ve been following along with our Instagram, you may have noticed that Thrive has had a few in-services with the amazingly smart and talented Giulia Pline. Giulia introduced our entire staff to the Threes Physioyoga Method, which merges physical therapy principles with yoga. What more could we ask for? We were so impressed that we wanted to know more, so we decided to host, and have our staff participate, in their Intro Course for Physical Therapists which will take place right here at Thrive on February 23rd and 24th. We can’t wait to bring all of this new knowledge to our patients!

Threes Physioyoga Method Workshop

About Threes Physiyoga Method for Physical Therapists

This introductory weekend consists of foundational knowledge regarding the teaching of yoga as a mind-body-spirit wellness modality and how this modality can be integrated into traditional physical therapy for the benefit of the patient and the clinician.

Yoga is a multi-limbed practice that unites movement with breath. Having an understanding of the influence and benefits of this practice on the body is a powerful, efficient tool for physiotherapists.

Physiotherapists will be introduced to the Threes Physiyoga Method of assessing suboptimal and dysfunctional movement. They will understand the mechanics of breath, the neurological considerations of re-training the musculoskeletal system, and how the deep integration of fascia and connective tissue impacts the body.

We will illustrate how to integrate a yoga movement based assessment tool and yoga movement/posture prescription including specific cueing, modifications, and pose transitions into a traditional physical therapy treatment regimen. This knowledge will provide physiotherapists the foundation to integrate mindfulness, breath work and yoga postures as a therapeutic modality.

The course will give you 13.5 hours of practical learning including case studies, a comprehensive movement assessment tool, therapeutic techniques and yoga sequencing.

Foundational topics to be discussed include:

exploring how multiple systems may impact dysfunction and how to address them

understanding the influences of the breath and thorax on the body

how mindful awareness facilitates neuromuscular re-education for optimal, safe, and efficient movement.

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