Daniela Escudero PT, DPT

Daniela Escudero

Dr. Daniela Escudero received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Skidmore College and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Dominican College. Her interest in movement science and physiology sparked her interest to pursue a career in physical therapy- she loves exploring and learning about the interconnectedness of movement.

Daniela's clinical experience included working with patients with orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions as well as pelvic health. She approaches her patient's care through biomechanical and functional movement assessments to determine the root cause of her patient's symptoms and inform her patient's care.  Daniela employs functional movement assessment to focus on impairments specific to each individual. She develops comprehensive and specific interventions, including manual therapy and targeted exercise, and movement retraining to help her patients achieve their full potential.

Daniela is passionate in combining her orthopedic and pelvic health interests and has advanced training in pelvis and abdominal health through the Herman Wallace Institute.  She specializes in treating women's pelvic pain/floor dysfunction and pregnancy and pre/post-partum care. She utilizes her orthopedic and pelvic floor background to combine extensive manual therapy and visceral mobilization, breathwork, pain science, autonomic quieting, stabilization and strengthening techniques. She has deeply focused on the use of hypopressive breathing, and fascial mobilization to allow greater capacity of movement, improve core strength and overall get her patients to live pain-free active lives.

Functional movement assessments have also been at the cornerstone of Daniela's treatment with the neurological population. Exposure to patients with MS, Parkinsons', strokes, spinal cord injuries at an early part of her career cemented the mindset of using meaningful tasks targeted and individualized to patients as the primary form of assessment and treatment. Within these tasks, she can then target specific muscle groups, and use various strategies to optimize their use within the scope of the patient's diagnosis.

In addition to in-clinic practice Daniela is a teaching assistant for the physical therapy program at Dominican College for Neurological Assessment and Treatment and Spinal Assessment. The continued exposure to learning provides her with new skill sets and the motivation to keep exploring new outlets.

Outside of the clinic, Daniela enjoys exploring the various cuisines found in the city. Having grown up in Jackson Heights, she was exposed to a large melting pot of cultures and enjoys having accessibility to trythem all.