Ready, Set, Spin!

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Taking a new class can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have never taken a spin class before, arrive early and find the instructor, they’ll be happy to help get you set up properly.

A spin bike allows you to adjust for seat height, position and handlebar height, to create the perfect fit, ensure a great ride experience, and minimize the risk of injury. Here are a few how-to tips for setting up your spin bike like a pro.

Seat Height: With proper bike set up you minimize the risk of injury. When clipped in, or if you place your feet in the toe cage rotate the pedals so that at the bottom of the pedal stroke your leg should have a 25 to 35 degree bend at the knee.

Fore-Aft Seat Position: The seat will adjust forwards and backwards to ensure that your knees are properly aligned relative to your feet. Sit on your bike with your hands on the handlebars and ball of your feet over the center of the pedals. Then position your pedals so that they are level with each other and parallel to the floor. Using the forward leg to check alignment, the seat is in the right position when your knee cap is directly in line with center of the pedal.

Handle Bar Height: Adjust the position so that you don’t have any neck tension or back strain.

Foot Position: Make sure that your cleats are properly aligned so that the ball of your foot is positioned on the center of the pedal. This is the firmest widest surface of your foot and most efficient and comfortable foot position.

Spin Shoes are recommended: They are designed to snap the cleat into the peddle so that you foot is attached to the bike, this allows you to both pull up using your hamstrings and gluts as well as pushing down. Without the cleats you risk Achilles and anterior tibialis tendonitis.   If you do spin regularly these shoes are recommended. If you are spinning regularly you may want to buy your own pair, but most facilities will either lend you a pair or rent you spin shoes.


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