Concierge Services

Our WHITE-GLOVE SERVICES include coordinating care for high-profile and private-care clients in need of rehabilitation and other therapeutic services. We deliver off-site physical and massage therapy, personal training and acupuncture to the Film and TV Industry, Private Corporations, Concert Tours and the greater Performing Arts community.

We provide patient care and coordination to these clients ranging from:
 Physical Therapy Rehabilitative Services
Post-Surgical Care and Rehabilitation
Complimentary Service Referrals



Thrive physical therapist gives lecture on footwear NYC SoHo NoHo
Tamar Amitay PT, MS, presenting a lecture on footwear and handbags to Bobbi Brown ™ employees.

 Private Consulting

In addition to providing outstanding therapy, the expert staff here at Thrive participates in a wide variety of outside consulting for physical therapy, health and wellness related activities. Our services range from appearances on radio and television programming to dispensing expert advice for health-related print and digital media articles. Our staff has written and/or co-authored articles published by sites including the Huffington Post, HealthGrades and Prevention magazine.

Thrive can also help boost your company's productivity and overall employee wellness by creating programs specific to your company needs. We offer fun, informative lectures and talks at company sponsored health and wellness events, corporate lectures and more. Please give us a call to set up a free consultation where we can go over the needs of your business and see how we can help.

Fun and engaging lectures and talks at company-sponsored health and wellness events
Private business consulting and training services to help you grow your practice and strengthen your team
Injury Prevention Screenings and Education
Corporate Wellness and Fitness
Ergonomic Assessment and Recommendations

We also offer private business consulting to physical therapists in private-practice whether just getting started or looking to revamp their brand.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services are the cornerstone of Thrive. We offer manual physical therapy services to its patients with a wide range of injuries including orthopedic, sports injury, dance medicine, neuromuscular injury.. read more

Personal Training

To maximize your rehabilitation and ease the transition into an exercise based program, Thrive facilitates personal training services with a select group of fitness professionals.. read more

Concierge Services

Our concierge services range from coordinating private care physical therapy for high-profile clients to delivering off-site therapy on movie sets, concert tours, athletic events, performing arts businesses and home care more


We offer private business consulting to physical therapists in private-practice whether just getting started or looking to revamp their brand. Thrive also caters to small and mid-sized company events with engaging, content-appropriate lectures and health-related talks…read more